Herbal Treatment for Heavy Menstrual Bleeding
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Herbal treatment for heavy menstrual bleeding protects a female from its side effects which wipe-off her energy and stamina and also weakens her reproductive system.

Menstrual flow in a healthy woman stays for 3 to 4 days and subsides after that, many women either face heavy flow which pushes them to change pads every couple of hours or bleeding continues for a week or 10 days.

Blood loss during heavy menses causes severe debilities in the body and reproductive system.

Gynecure capsules are wonderfully beneficial supplements that provide safe, fast and holistic herbal treatment for heavy menstrual bleeding.

These pills by virtue of their powerful herbs bring periods at the proper time and maintain bleeding for the proper duration to provide reliable herbal treatment for heavy periods.

Heavy Menstrual Bleeding Herbal Treatment

Women suffering from heavily flowing periods face the excessive presence of progesterone hormone. This hormone causes uterine contraction to bring periods.

Excessive presence of progesterone causes abnormally strong contraction much before the proper date which brings early and heavily flowing periods. Women face cramps, pain, and clots in the blood due to excessive progesterone.

Gynecure capsules reduce menstrual cramps along with heavy menstrual bleeding with clots and pain by maintaining a healthy level of progesterone along with proper balance with estrogen hormone.

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