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We offer a convenient and flexible draw schedule and 12 full months to complete your project. This will help construction go smoothly and make things more manageable for you and your builder.

At Apna Edwards we’re there for our customers and communities in good times and bad. When western Ohio was hit by tornadoes on Sunday, November 5, we had an opportunity to put this promise into action.

Celina, Ohio and the surrounding area was impacted by damaging winds, which were reported at more than 130 miles an hour and caused significant damage to the community. Mayor Jeff Hazel declared a state of emergency during the storms.

Team members at the Celina office jumped into action, spearheading efforts to help victims of these storms. Many of the victims were farmers and our customers.

At Apna Edwards, we’re there for our customers and communities in good times and bad.

Mr.Apna Edward

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