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At Endlessmeds Network Business, We are a HIGH QUALITY SUPPLIER of psychedelic products.
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As part of our commitment to safe and responsible consumption, you must be 19 years of age or older. All sales are conditional on the purchaser and recipient being of legal age.

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Currently Available Edible Magic Mushrooms for microdosing use only ($8/Gram)!

-Species Psilocybe cubensis

-Variety - Golden Teacher

-Variety - Jedi Mind F*&K

-Variety - Angkor Wat

-Variety - Amazon

-Variety - B+

-Variety - Ban Sa Phang Kha

-Variety - Ecuador

-Variety - Golden Mammoth

-Variety - KSSS

-Variety - Lizard King

-Variety - Leucistic Red Boy

-Variety - McKennaii

-Variety - Mazatapec

-Variety - Paynes Prairie

-Variety - PESH (Pacifica Exotica Spores Hawaii)

-Variety - Treasure Coast

-Variety - Z-Strain

-Species Panaeolus cyanescens 

-Variety - Estero 

- MDMA Crystal - $25/Gram
- Mdma Pills (Ecstacy) - $5/Pill

Available LSD-25 blotter Arts and our prices:

-Rick and Morty
-Hofman Bike Ride

100ug - (20 tabs) = $130
200ug - (20 tabs) = $160
200ug - One sheet (100 tabs) = $400
350ug - (20 tabs) = $200
350ug - One sheet (100 tabs) = $430
550ug - (20 tabs) = $230
550ug - One sheet (100 tabs) = $465
800ug - (20 tabs) = $250
800ug - One sheet (100 tabs) = $480
1400ug - (20 tabs) = $280
1400ug - One sheet (100 tabs) = $675

The delivery is private and secure.

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-We also offer a 30 days money back guarantee!

whilst placing an order with us.
Our payment methods Available include, crypto currencies, cash app, zelle, western union, walmart to walmart, apple pay, chime, facebook pay, money gram, google pay depending on client's the Products minimum order quantity. 

We ship from our main branches in California and Colorado, USA.

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We do not Keep Stock of Fake LSD, MDMA Crystal, Mushrooms. We start the packaging process once payment and the following shipping address is received.

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Live Long and Prosper

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